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1974 PT. INDURO FIBERGLASS was established.
1989 Form technological cooperation with Kigent FRP Corp. Ltd. Taiwan in FRP Engineering Field.
1990 Acquired license from Weigel Pro Technique Germany in FRP Vacuum Forming System. License from Lipp. Gmbh, Germany in Metal Storage Tank & Silo with Spiral Double Folding System.
1996 Started to export within Asia Pacific Region.
1997 Acquired license from Kobe Steel Ltd., Japan in FRP Resin Transfer Molding (RTM). Set up a Second Plant (Plant II) special for General FRP (Plant I, special for FRP Engineering).
1998 Change the company name to PT. INDURO INTERNASIONAL, for entering worldwide globalization market.
1999 Certified in ISO 9001.
2000 Certified in ISO 9001:2000.
2003 Third Plant was set up.
2004 Expansion market to consumer products.